Right of withdrawal
The buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal and return the goods within 14 calendar days from the moment when the goods have been acquired in his/her possession, without mentioning the reason for the return using the form provided at To exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must inform, registered address: 99a Krasta Street, Riga, LV-1063, ph. 29377888, e-mail: [email protected] about decision to withdraw from purchase. In order for the right of withdrawal to expire, notice of the exercise of the right of withdrawal must be given before the expiry of the right of withdrawal.
The right of withdrawal shall expire 14 days after the date on which the buyer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the buyer has taken possession of the goods. To avoid misunderstandings, when receiving the product, please make sure that it fully corresponds to the ordered – manufacturer, model, colour, size and other important parameters.
If the buyer withdraws from the purchase agreement, will refund all payments received under the specific distance contract, including delivery costs (except for additional costs incurred because the buyer has chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by, no later than within 14 days from the day when was informed about the buyer’s decision to withdraw from this agreement. may withhold the refund until the goods shipped by the consumer have been received.
Remember, when dispatching the goods, you must ensure that the packaging of the goods cannot be damaged during transportation. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that the product be insured when returning, otherwise the consumer bears the responsibility for the damage to the
product. If you use the right of withdrawal, remember that you are only liable for the decrease in the value of the goods if the goods are used for purposes other than determining the nature, characteristics and functioning of these goods. Therefore, please note that during the period of exercising the right of withdrawal, you have the right to use the product to the extent necessary for the inspection of the product (as much as it could be done before purchasing the product in the usual store). When exercising the right of withdrawal, you are responsible for the use of the product that exceeds the purpose of examination of the product, for the use of the product during the period of exercise of the right of withdrawal, which is incompatible with the principle of good faith, as well as for the reduction of the value, quality, and safety of the product. Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers of May 20 2014 Nr 255 “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts” Clause 22 stipulates that the consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if:
The price of a good or service depends on fluctuations in the financial market which are beyond the control of the seller or service provider, and which may occur during the withdrawal period;
The product is made according to the instructions of the consumer or if the product is clearly personalised;
The product is perishable or expires soon;
The consumer has opened the packaging of the good which cannot be returned for health and hygiene reasons;
The product, due to its characteristics, has been irreversibly mixed with other things after delivery;
The Consumer has opened the packaging of audio or video recordings or computer programs;
A contract for the supply of digital content, which is not supplied on a durable medium, where the supply of the digital content has been commenced with the express prior consent of the consumer and a declaration that the right of withdrawal has been lost; draws attention to the fact that if the loss of the value of the returned goods is established, it may apply to the court with an application against the consumer for compensation of the losses caused by, which are the result of the consumer’s actions. Delivery cost is not compensated.
Damage caused by natural conditions is not compensated.

How do I find the item I want?
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Enter the keyword in the search box on the home page and you will be presented with all the products that contain the keyword. From the top toolbar of your home page, you can also instantly select the product group you want to search for the item you like. We also offer to search for products by their belonging to a certain brand, thus you will be able to see all the product groups belonging to a specific brand represented in our online store.

Information on ordering
One can order the goods:
By completing the product order form in the final step of the purchase design.
By sending the full name of the selected product, the number of units, as well as indicating the contact information and the selected form of delivery and payment to [email protected].
To place a larger order, for example, when choosing to equip a boat with electronics, we invite you to an in-person meeting at our office in Riga, Krasta iela 99a, before ordering the necessary equipment components.